Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky
Its all perception only nothing is real
Welcome to my world of expression and surreal reality

New Art 03/26/2010

An Other Look
An Other Look
Surreal Art
By Tom Repasky
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Nothing is at it seems to be in our minds. Reality is just an illusion created by the electrical and chemical reactions of the cells and organs of our bodies.

We feel and experience the effect and not the real thing. Take a journey with me to places just as real as those you might find in this reality.

You might find yourself in strange places for a while but you really can't stay unless you live in your mind.

Try some music while you look about! Tom's Music

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I create and publish 2d and 3d art,surreal digital art, computer art, poetry, writings, music (mp3), 3d and 2d animation shorts. It all began in 1993 using a 25MHz computer and a program called Painter. We published our first digital images in 1994 on USENET and then on the emerging world wide web in 1995. For more than 10 years, Flicker Light™ Studio  has maintained a web presence focused on art, philosophy, ideas, potentials and perspectives.

Digital Fine Art
Digital Fine Art
Surreal Art for a S...
By Tom Repasky
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Abstract Art, Surreal Art, with alien, spiritual and metaphysical metaphors, stories, images, and music, familiar and alien influenced by my near death experiences (NDE). As an artist I collaborate and participate in our unique individual perspectives and expressions of life and the human experience. New version of Toms Walk In and Near Death Experience

Toms Digital Artist Site ----> Portland Oregon Artist

This site has fine digital art and provocative surreal art, both of our near death experiences, or ndes. We have writings, abstract art, computer art, music, and stories to explore. Great digital artist with surreal and alien expressive 3d art, animation and other content sure to expand your mind. Surrealism by a Surrealist.


Help me keep this site and art online. I am currently unemployed and this site costs me more than $150/year

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What to Expect
You will find surreal digital art and provocative surreal art, my near death experiences, or ndes are available to read. I have many expressive writings filled with metaphor, abstract art, computer art, music, and surreal stories. I am the artist and alien with expressive 3d art and animations sure to expand your mind. My NDE stories and near death experiences may seem alien and surreal to some and just plain ordinary to others LOL


Computer Art, Surreal Art,Abstract Art,Digital Art 3d Art, and 2D Art images can be viewed and purchased at Art Wanted, Red Bubble and Zazzle. The Mystic Computer Art images on these pages are very high resolution. There is much more art at Flicker Light™.org, but at lower resolution. Metaphysical, spiritual, alien, allegorical, metaphor writings, essays, quotes and such can be found there as well. Read about our near death experiences. Listen to some music (mp3)


The only alien is human intelligence. We are the spirit of discovery looking for spiritual and metaphysical meaning in atoms. Its a surreal and abstract allegorical and metaphorical reality. Mystic and alien their near death experiences bring fresh metaphors to his computer art gallery. Surreal Art, Abstract Art, 3d Art, mystic and metaphysical digital art and writings metaphors for his near death experiences.

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