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The Peeling Place Number3


Title: The Peeling Place Number3
Uploaded: 08/30/07
Gallery: 3D Rendering
Subject: Mystical/New Age
Media: Computer/Digital
Emergence is a strange idea. From a collection of small and often perhaps insignificant parts, behaviors arise that the parts alone could not produce. An ant colony is a good example as is the collection of cells that make up a human body Have a grand emergence! "The brain creates a quantum field, this generates a hole in space time. On the other side of the hole is nothing until energy slips into the hole. The energy cascade that follows generates and sustains a novel thing called consciousness. Consciousness, sometimes also called the mind, even perhaps, the soul, is an effect of the brain processing stimulation by transforming and filtering to create information using rules developed over millions of years." From Consciousness and Influence Copyright © 2007 Flicker Light Studio(tm)



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