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Tilted Number1


Title: Tilted Number1
Uploaded: 08/27/07
Gallery: 3D Rendering
Subject: Landscape/Outdoor
Media: Computer/Digital
Things are often not what they seem at first glance. From AToms' Place "The ground, if you could call it that was very much alive. Anticipating our steps, it rose to greet us. Anticipating our intention, it directed our path. It was uncanny how it knew us so well, almost like a twin. The ground and air and sky all seemed to be made of the same stuff. Not that there was a sky or air or ground. It just felt that way because of our 3d nature. Despite the generous assist of the ground, walking was becoming more and more an effort. The blackness prevented us from marking our progress. We were traveling blindly at the whim of the ground in total blackness. For all we knew we were going in circles or just walking in place. Hopelessness drifted by in a boat offering us a way out. We were determined however, and ignored the opportunity." Copyright 2007 Flicker Light Studio(tm)



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