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May your experience viewing the art here be as enjoyable as our experience creating these images. For those of you who have visited before, we hope you enjoy the changes.

You may have noticed the new art added during the past two years is unlike my earlier works. The reason is that my wife Susan has been doing art and I have been doing music. Her art is quite unusual and delightful. Most of her works are stunning and thought provoking. Others are just plain fun and whimsical. All of them are great :-)

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    I like surreal and abstract art the most and so my art tends towards those styles/types of expression. Here you will find the journey of exploration I began in the mid 1970s. I painted and sketched one summer and enjoyed it so I much I almost completely stopped playing music and writing stories. By the 1990s, I had filled a closet and returned to my music and writings. By 1992 I was able to purchase a PC and programs that allowed me to do art but I couldn't print anything! In 1995 I purchased a 100Mhz Pentium.  Since then I have learned a lot and can explore ideas more freely and efficiently.  

I continue to sketch most images before beginning the modeling on the computer. I guess the stroking of the pencil on paper is where creativity happens and everything else is just skill :-)

All of the art and backgrounds may be used for any purpose unless it directly or indirectly is intended to help you make a profit. Most of the images inside are clickable and lead to a larger image or to another section.

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