Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky Online Surrealist doing Surrealism Its all perception only nothing is real
Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky
Welcome to my world of expression and surreal reality
. Surrealism by an online Surrealist
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Help me keep this site and art online. I am currently unemployed and this site costs me more than $150/year

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Tom Repasky

Really old art lol

The art created in the mid 1990s was rather primitive and mostly abstract. The 25MHz computer wasn't quite able to produce the necessary power needed for the floating point math used in 3d applications, although I certainly tried. By the late 1990s and early 2000s, I acquired a 400MHz computer. It was nearly 20 times faster but still quite slow by today's machines that are easily 8 times faster.

My web site went online in 1994-1995 and went through many iterations between 1994 and 2005. You can view some of the old sites compliments of the Way Back Machine.

Try the WayBack Machineway back machine and see snapshots of Flicker Light™ Studio since 1996.


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