Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky and Susan Sheehan Its all perception only nothing is real
Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky
Welcome to my world of expression and surreal reality
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Tom Repasky

Art from 2005 and 2006

The tools for creating 3D art on a computer had improved but still cost more than $800. If you wanted to do art in 3D there wasn't much else than Bryce and some other programs. Of course if you had lots of money 3DMAX and other studio level tools could be had for $5,000 before getting the add-ons and plug-ins that would make the program useful.

My art had finally reached a level that I considered 'as good' as studios. Well, the tools really weren't as good as the tools the studios used at the time. Rather they were as good as the tools the studios used five or more years before then.

However, I was to create more detailed and sophisticated images without my computer crashing from memory limitations and processor freezing.