Tom Repasky

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The Gap

A meeting of the minds brings travelers from primitive lands. Powered by The Gap, the union produces transcendence. The journey into forever springs whys. Together we greet and become tomorrow's surprise.

Flower People

Most of my life I have believed that men and women were from two different worlds, each with their own priorities and values. Meeting together on this place called earth, we interact and feed back the contents of our mind through the opening called the soul. We maybe different races but perhaps we all share the same goal. Letting ourselves become the reality we have grown in our minds and nourished with the blood of our hearts and kept moist with our tears.

Offering Self

Now and then we sacrifice ourselves for a cause we may not understand even though we believe in it.

Us and Them

There was a time when ideas ruled the world. Fresh and new the ideas flourished and grew strong in the hearts and minds of many. As the new world unfolded many were not able to fully comprehend the new ideas. They remained part of the mechanical world that spawned all of creation. As enlightenment spread, a confrontation was inevitable. To this day the mechanical world holds power. The reptilian part of the human brain can take the moment and cover it with flight or fight, effectively shutting down the ideas that transform us. Some have discovered a way to manage the mechanical world, offering distractions and apparent compliance. Our destiny is to resolve this conflict. Distractions are only temporary.

Probing The Center

Now and then it is important to check for life. Using the tools created long ago, we probe nearby galaxies. Some where in the center indications of life can be resolved. Using any tool, takes practice and patience. What we find can sometimes amaze and startle us. Like some giant vacuum cleaner, the probe can provide samples that can be checked for signs of sentience. The tunnel of light souls travel is only one way and it is impossible to ever go back.


The view always includes reflections of the past.

Bar the way Atom and Eve

When exploring be sure your group can manage obstacles designed to cover certain body parts deemed provocative, indecent, or naked. They can bar the way.

The Everyday Man Shun

As we journey our forever path, in some realities there is a gap. From where ever we emerge, young and beginning, not unlike some quantum magic, we tunnel through the now in some fantastic how. We then emerge after the prescribed years, transformed and enriched, wizened without fears. We called this place, the Everyday Man Shun.

Walking The God

The world is a busy place. When possible a walk in the serene energizes and rejuvenates. Walking the God can be just the thing to help realize who and what we are.

Getting a Grip on One's Self

Sometimes when life and its changes seem out of control, it helps to get a grip of one's self. Holding onto the values and beliefs that are cherished and precious to our lives. The challenge is being able to see ourselves as we really are to get a firm hold.