new pics March 2010

Surreal Digital Art by Tom Repasky
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Look Out Look Out
OMG its an Earth OMG It's an Earth
3_20_10_1a112darkersm.jpg Which Way is Right?
3_22_10_2v62sm.jpg Rain Globes
3_25_10_2_3sm.jpg Hearty
3_4_10_1v6sm.jpg A Distorted Place
3_12_10_13_2_2131sm.jpg The Watchers
3_8_10_1v6_2_sunset1v612turnin_the_backnsm.jpg Watching Them Selves
3_25_10_4_a_1bigsm.jpg A Hand In
3_24_1a.jpg Stoned
3_25_10_3a.jpg Another Place
3_24_10_2_v_1a1_lighter.jpgWhy play with dolls when you have cities?
3_25_10_5_a.jpg Water Falls