We purchased Vue 5 Infinite near the of January 2006.  This is the first gallery of Vue images.
The images on this page are very high resolution. There is much more art at flickerlight.org, but at lower resolution and not created in Vue. 




Something Of Time
A we move down our path, we leave things behind. The hour glass with its sand solidified, representing completion, stands discarded. The lights though dim clearly guide us forward. Off in the distance can be seen something not yet clear nor easily described. And to the right a sort of form, perhaps a distraction?  

Seal Beach
When I painted on canvass, if I had left over paint I would paint another picture of left over paint. This is my 3D equivalent :-)

A Few Remain
I am fascinated with the intersection/transition of 'old life' and 'modern life'. The plastic looking building on the left is part of the right brain consciousness while the left brain settles into a realistic natural setting from our collective consciousness. 

Many Are Called
What if someone showed up to invite us to a party? Who would they choose?

Helping Hands
This is part of a animation in progress 

Experimentation with Vue

Looking For A Lost Moment
Everyday life finds itself looking for moments lost in the hidden areas of existence.

The Phlixel That Got Away
While fishing for pixels one day, I noticed an interesting shape. It looked like a fish in pixel space, so I called it a Phlixel and tried to catch it with my lure of enticing pixel light. Alas, it got away.

Storytime Mountain Too
This is part of a animation in progress 

New Ground
Having fallen asleep, only to be awakened with the pitter-patter of small feet disturbing the dream of becoming life. 

This like Seal Beach is a left over parts image. The figure is wearing a photo of a Celtic cross we took Oct. 2005 in Ireland. The image represents the ending of an era.


Sometimes it is difficult to come up with new and fresh ideas. When that happens I look here, where I can find myself pondering from different points of view. With few distractions other than myself. 

Rock Men
This image was an exercise in learning the program Vue. It represents a mass migration.

Whose Idea Anyway?
Ideas oftentime feel implanted as though installed by some creature or being. 


The Scheduled Reality Check
Among the many chores of being, one of the more onerous ones is flushing the psyche. The task requires mucking around in places crawling with wandering thoughts and distorted debris from reality leaks. 




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